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Bergen Finds Pot Committee-addled Democrats an Embarrassment

February 18, 2021. Insider NJ

Assemblyman Brian Bergen (R-25) criticized the majority party in Trenton for cancelling Assembly committees for the third time this month.

“All business is halted because people of the same party can’t get their act together,” said Bergen. “It’s embarrassing.”

Early Thursday morning five Assembly committees got the ax the day after a Senate Judiciary Committee also took a knee for a second straight day over a disagreement between Gov. Phil Murphy and legislative leaders on underage penalties for marijuana use.

Committees were also cancelled on February 8 and Wednesday’s meetings were moved to Monday next week all to buy Democrats more time to come to an agreement.

“It should not be lost on anybody that the marijuana legalization fiasco represents the clear fact that Democrats are failing to help people because politics is their priority,” said Bergen. “This isn’t a policy disagreement. This is a lack of leadership.”

arty can’t get their act together,” said Bergen. “It’s embarrassing.”


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